Is There A Better Way To Celebrate Oktoberfest Then With A One-Off M3?

BMW’s “Münchner Wirte” M3 goes perfectly with a lager.

In honor of thisyear’s Oktoberfest, BMW had created a custom M3 with a “Münchner Wirte” livery.This vehicle reveals the automaker’s strong ties with motorsport especially inthe city of Munich, Germany. Enthusiastswith a stellar memory will recall that the 1981 BMW M1 Procar had a similarpaint job. Walter Maurer, the individual that had painted the livery onto theoriginal M1, has brought it back to life for the latest M3. The BMW M3 “MünchnerWirte” will be on display at the Wiesn-Schänke beertent for everyone at Oktoberfest to see.

Forthose of us not going to Oktoberfest, watch the video below to see racingdriver Martin Tomczyk burn some rubber in the M3.

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