Is There A Possibility Of The Honda Project 2&4 Concept Going Into Production?


We sure hope so.

When we saw the Honda Project 2&4 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we immediately fell in love with its skeletal body. We were already picturing being able to tackle track days and curvy roads with its motorcycle-like capabilities. Well, a recent report from Top Gear has confirmed that our open-world dreams may come true. According to the Project 2&4's designer, Martin Petersson, "There will be a next step. It's been too positive for us to go and complete this project in a basement somewhere."


That seems like great news, right? Unfortunately, Honda is known for teasing a lot of awesome vehicles and then not delivering. Take for example the upcoming Honda NSX, which is lost somewhere in the production line. But Petersson believes something similar to the Project 2&4 will come to life. "The company slogan is 'The Power of Drams'," stated Petersson. "If we don't believe in it I might as well not go to work, right? I believe there's potential. There's no science fiction in the car…" Please make this happen, Honda. We want to be able to hear the 212-hp MotoGP rev out to 14,000 rpm and feel the wind do funny things to our face. Here's to hoping the automaker doesn't mess it up.

AOL - Jonathon Ramsey
AOL - Jonathon Ramsey
AOL - Jonathon Ramsey
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