Is There A Possibility Of The Honda Project 2&4 Concept Going Into Production?

We sure hope so.

When we saw the HondaProject 2&4 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we immediately fell inlove with its skeletal body. We were already picturing being able to tackle trackdays and curvy roads with its motorcycle-like capabilities. Well,a recent report from Top Gear has confirmed that our open-world dreams maycome true. According to the Project 2&4’s designer, Martin Petersson, “Therewill be a next step. It’s been too positive for us to go and complete thisproject in a basement somewhere.”

That seems likegreat news, right? Unfortunately, Honda is known for teasing a lot of awesomevehicles and then not delivering. Take for example the upcoming Honda NSX,which is lost somewhere in the production line. But Petersson believes somethingsimilar to the Project 2&4 will come to life. “The company slogan is ‘ThePower of Drams’,” stated Petersson. “If we don’t believe in it I might as wellnot go to work, right? I believe there’s potential. There’s no science fictionin the car…” Please make this happen, Honda. We want to be able to hear the 212-hpMotoGP rev out to 14,000 rpm and feel the wind do funny things to our face. Here’sto hoping the automaker doesn’t mess it up.

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