Is There a Production Delay for Challenger Hellcats With Satin-Black Hoods?

This would totally suck if true.

Shipments of the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat officially began last month. But for those who ordered their 707 horsepower animal with a satin-black hood, there’s apparently a production delay. Word coming from the forum is that buyers who ordered this exterior color combo have been informed by their local Dodge dealers that their Challenger Hellcat may not arrive until February 2015.

However, if they were to alter their order for a body-color hood then delivery will happen faster. Dodge hasn’t made any sort of official announcement regarding this situation, but it’s still a crappy deal for those anxious Hellcat owners. The whole point of placing a factory order is to create your ideal car. It shouldn’t be turned into an inconvenience. Yes, factory orders typically take longer to come through and delays could happen. Buyers should be made aware of any potential issues beforehand. At least they’d be prepared. And for the record, we happen to think the Challenger Hellcat looks absolutely badass with a satin black hood. It’d be our choice as well.

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