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Is There Anything Better Than The Ferrari FXX K?

Yes, more than one FXX K.

The Ferrari FXX K takes hypercars to a whole new level that onlyan automaker like Ferrari could reach. The hardcore track car has a naturallyaspirated V12 that generates 848 hp, which is matched to a 187-hp electric motorfor a combined output of 1,036 hp. It’s the most powerful vehicle Ferrari hasever made and it sounds absolutely insane. The hypercar may have one of thegreatest soundtracks we’ve ever heard and the only thing that’s better than oneFXX K is 14 FXX Ks on one track at the same time.

Marchettino managed to film 14 FXX Ks during the FinaliMondiali at Mugello and it sounds incredible. Turn your volume up because thismay be the only time you’ll see these 14 hypercars going all out on a track.

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