Is There Still A Chance BMW Builds A Porsche 911-Fighting 6 Series?

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Mercedes has the AMG GT, Audi is cooking up an entry-level R8, so why shouldn't BMW join the party?

There are a huge variety of gearheads in this world, and we'd wager that the type that spends an afternoon combing through sales data between competing automakers aren't the most common. However, a quick glance at the most recent data shows that Mercedes' assault on every possible segment, from crossover to sports car, as well as the introduction of entry-level offerings, has put it ahead of BMW's sales numbers. As BMW Blog points out, the Blue and White Roundel could and should strike back.

Interestingly enough, BMW would have to begin its plan of attack with top tier sports car models, a direct contradiction to previous reports indicating that German luxury automakers would shy away from coupes and convertibles in favor of wider crossover variety. Coming soon will be an all-new 8 Series that will be aimed directly at the S-Class Coupe. The only problem with the 8 Series is that it will effectively replace the 6 Series Coupe and Convertible despite being larger. This leaves a gap where the old 6 Series once reigned, one that could house a car primed to attack the Porsche 911. With Porsche's sales numbers are growing rapidly, the company seems to have a winning recipe.

Just last week it was announced that Porsche gorges on $17,225 of profit per vehicle it sells. Mercedes was quick to recognize the potential in a 911 fighter and decided to answer with the AMG GT. Even Audi has promised an answer in the form of an entry-level R8. That would make BMW the most notable absentee in this group, even though it builds cars like the M4 GTS, proving that it still cares about how much fun the driver is having. The Bavarian automaker had mentioned that the 6 Series would morph into a sort of Porsche 911-killing line, but more recent reports indicate that BMW will use the model to pull of the most grave of sins: killing off the gorgeous 6 Series Gran Coupe and turning into an ugly Gran Touring model.

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We're a bit skeptical about the notion that BMW doesn't have something else planned for the 6 Series once the 8 Series comes to market because axing the 6 Series Gran Coupe in favor of a Gran Turismo model is to shoot itself in the foot. As much as we know BMW wants to scratch its crossover itch, the automotive community kindly asks that BMW retrains its sights on Porsche.


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