Is This 54-Drone Flying Machine The Most British Invention Ever?

More so than tea and crumpets?

Weirdly reminiscent of the old dude from the movie “Up,” watch this eccentric British inventor strap 54 drones to his garden chair and fly around using an umbrella for protection. Creating your own flying machine is what legends are made of, and thanks to his wacky invention, gasturbine101 can rightly be called a legend, or a YouTube sensation at the very least. By his own admission the Wright brothers wannabe said the device was: "Just a bit of fun for myself, never intended for making a significant journey or flying much above head height."

It’s called the Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone, cost £6,000 to build, and comes powered by four cell batteries. Flying enthusiasts are apparently loving it. And so will you.

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