Is This 700-HP SUV By Brabus The Craziest Thing On The Road?

The tuning company has created another monster.

Brabus isn’t shy when it comes to taking vehicles fromMercedes-Benz and transforming them. The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is apretty insane vehicle in stock from, but Brabus decided to take things up anotch with a new B63S 700 performance kit. The tuning company took the SUV’s 5.5-litertwin-turbo V8 that’s good for 577 hp and pumped it up for a total of 690 hp. That’scrazy, but Brabus has done crazier. Brabus has also gone to town on the SUVs exterior for a more menacing look. We don't like SUVs, but we like this.

What’s even more impressive than the horsepower figure isthe torque rating, which has been increased from 561 lb-ft to a whopping 708lb-ft. This may not be the most powerful GLE out there, but with a zero to 62mph time of 4.0 seconds it’s blisteringly quick. To make sure that things don’tget too crazy, Brabus has limited the SUV’s top speed to 186 mph.To get this kind of performance out of the vehicle, Brabus addedtwo new turbos with larger compressor units, a new exhaust system, along with newmapping for the engine’s injection and ignition. To aid the vehicle in handling, there’s a custom control modulethat lowers the SUV’s ride height by 1.4 inches. This performance kit arrived just in time for the Dubai Motor Show.

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