Is This $71,500 Flying Car The Best Bargain Ever?


There's got to be a catch.

The Sky Commuter was a flying car prototype built by Boeing in the 1980's and was Boeing's attempt to be the pioneer in the ever-elusive flying car market. Of all the flying car concepts that we’ve seen, the design of the Sky Commuter actually doesn’t look half bad. The original Boeing Sky Commuter concept utilized three fans connected to a gas-turbine engine as its power-base and relied on a helicopter-style drive shaft to maneuver around the roads and the skies. This little venture into the flying car sector cost Boeing $6,000,000.

Only three of the concept prototypes were ever built before the plug was pulled and the project scrapped entirely, so don't expect to see any of these flying around the highway anytime soon. However, luckily for us, one of these bad boys is up for auction by Barrett-Jackson for the meager starting price of $71,500. This seems like an absolute bargain for anyone looking to buy a flying car. In fact it might just be one of the greatest car deals ever. So what’s the catch? Well, this Sky Commuter is completely engine-free. No, that’s not some new form of hybrid power-base, it literally doesn’t have a power-base at all. Essentially, it’s a giant engine-less car toy. Still interested?

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