Is This A Sorry Econobox Or A Killer Twin-Engine Burnout Champion?


Watch the video and see for yourself.

The Daihatsu Charade isn't held in very high esteem at CarBuzz. In fact it starred in the "Horrible Small Cars" series where it was ruthlessly ridiculed for its ridiculous name. That being said, this Charade is pretty badass. It boasts two engines and can do burnouts like it's a mighty V8 muscle car. In this video it's competing in a burnout competition called Brasher Nats in Darwin, Australia. The front differential goes out halfway through the performance, but that's not a problem for a car with two engines.

Yes, burnouts and donuts are done best by big, hulking behemoths. However, sometimes it's fun to watch the little guys with crazy cars get in on the action.

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