Is This A Preview Of The Next Nissan Juke's Styling?

Will that funky front end remain?

We’ll outright admit that we never thought the Nissan Juke would become the success story it is today after its reveal back in 2010. Despite its funky-looking front end styling, the Juke has proven that buyers love small crossovers. And if you haven’t noticed, many other automakers now have their own Juke competitors, such as the Fiat 500X and Buick Encore. But very soon the Juke will be needing a complete redesign in order to stay ahead of this fresh competition, and Nissan has just teased its latest concept that might offer a preview.

Presenting the "Sway," which will premiere next week at Geneva. OK, so it's very likely the Sway is really the next Micra in concept form, but the overall styling direction is in line with other recent Nissan reveals like the Murano and Maxima. Only this single image has been revealed so far, but it's becoming pretty clear that all future Nissans are going to have this angled headlight look. It’s entirely possible this front-end may find its way to the next Juke as well. Stay tuned, because we know just how excited you all are to hear anything Nissan Micra related.

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