Is This All-Electric Canadian Three-Wheeler Worth $15,000?


And how much of that price is the novelty value worth?

Canada isn't instantly renowned for its auto industry to most people, but quite a few successful companies have operated out of the sovereign state. Magna international, for instance, supplies a whole range of automotive parts and services, and those who've seen the Fast Five film will have spotted the Gurkha as built by the Canada-based Terradyne Armoured Vehicles company. Now, though, we have a new vehicle on the block, in the form of the Electra Meccanica Solo.

Electra Meccanica

Despite being quite an unusual device (as three-wheelers tend to be) at first glance, the Electra Meccanica Solo is an intriguing little proposition. It's relatively inexpensive, for a start (when you convert the vehicle's price in Canadian dollars to US dollars, the Solo is worth just over $15,000), and does provide a handy solution for those who do short commutes. According to Electra Meccanica, a vast majority of people drive on their own, which is why it feels a compact and relatively affordable single-seater and is what office workers and stock market analysts should be trading their BMWs and Audis in for.

Especially as the Solo is claimed to be quite a perky and entertaining little thing to drive. The combination of a lightweight chassis and instant electric motor torque means the 82-hp Electra Meccanica can reach 62 mph from rest in eight seconds, and handling dynamics are allegedly one of the vehicle's prime USPs. Plus, with a claimed cargo capacity of 10 cubic feet and a range of 100 miles on a single charge, the Solo's a surprisingly useful vehicle on paper. It'll be interesting to see how the Electra Meccanica fares in the real world - and, with the first customer Solos set to be delivered in 2017, it won't be long until we find out what this three-wheeler EV can really do.

Electra Meccanica
Electra Meccanica
Electra Meccanica

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