Is This AWD M3-Powered E30 325iX The Sports Car BMW Should've Built?

It's half the price of a real one, so yes.

What do you do whenan automaker doesn’t make the car you want? You get somebody else to build it. Thisowner got Michigan-based Classic Daily to stuff a S54 engine from the E46 M3into a 1990 BMW 325iX. It cost $6K but the BMW's power output is now 333 hp. To makeit all fit the seller put roughly $15K worth of fabrication into the vehicle andthe result is a no-expense-spared AWD sports car that BMW never built.Whilethe seller states that he won’t get his money back, this may be the bestopportunity to get a wannabe E30 M3 for half of the price.

To handle theextra power and to increase reliability, the modified 325iX has upgraded VANOSlines, new o2 sensors, a new fuel pump and new speed sensors. There are also upgradedbrakes, as well as new springs and shocks. This vehicle has been engineered tobe an enjoyable daily driver and is dialed in for comfort. On the inside there’s a lot of unique features like a M-Tech 11 steering wheel, an upgraded13 button on-board computer and a custom Bavarian Restorations gauge clusterwith 8K redline tach. With similar looks to that of an E30 M3 and the heart of a E46 M3, this is the perfect vehicle for enthusiasts looking to get into a classic M3 without shelling out over $60K.

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