Is This Car Ad Too Good To Be True?


You won't find this on the CARFAX report.

Any time you’re shopping for a used car, especiallyfrom a private party on Craigslist, you generally try to find as muchinformation about the car’s history as possible. This can range from paying fora CARFAX report, scrutinizing the previous owner of the vehicle and theirmotivation for selling, and even getting a pre-purchase inspection. This timearound, potential Subaru buyers in Seattle just got hit with way moreinformation about this wagon’s past than they ever bargained for.

Craigslist never fails to surprise us with some of themost insane vehicles ever seen, from vans mounted with jet turbines to 1980sFerrari “limousines.” From the Washington seller’s description, the 1985 modelyear Subaru Leone was the exact spot where this individual purportedly “lost[his] virginity.” This elegant wagon was also subject to its owner’s foolishdesires when he used it (and, of course, alcohol) to get a DUI in 1989.According to this very detailed account, the Subaru shooting-brake was also thevehicle he used to take his mother to a movie in 1994, raise a chicken in 1996,and completely stopped “giving a f***” by 2003.We’re not sure how much of this story we believe, butpoints at least have to be given out for creativity.

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The swagger wagon is currently running a 5.0-liter V8 from a1988 Ford Mustang. Just the current motor alone has racked up 285,000 miles.Plot twist at the end of the ad: the seller of this vehicle was a winner on ThePrice is Right last year and won a brand-new Ford Fiesta.