Is This Custom Smart Fortwo Pickup The Coolest 6X6 Around?


Yes. A thousand times yes.

No, what you're looking at is not some bizarre Ford Explorer Sport Trac that didn't get enough milk growing up. This is actually a custom Smart Fortwo pickup truck built by TNT Promotional Vehicles. It was created by mashing two Fortwos together, with the end result being one of the most peculiar six-wheeled vehicles around. Now an automotive rule of thumb is that anything with six wheels is automatically cool. This is certainly no Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 or the Kahn Flying Huntsman, but it's still a lot cooler than a standard Fortwo.

Not much is known about this bad dog other than what's on its eBay listing. It's a 2013 that has 29,000 on the odometer and is "middle-wheel drive." Nothing is said of the engine, meaning it's probably the stock 1.0-liter three-cylinder good for a whopping 70 horsepower. That won't help you haul or tow much, but this little guy certainly seems more than capable of light Home Depot and grocery runs as well as a little yard work. So, how much does TNT Promotional Vehicles want for the Smart Fortwo pickup? How does $15,999 sound? Maybe it's best to just appreciate this oddity from afar.

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