Is This Dodge Viper Recall The Smallest In Recall History?


It just has to be.

The Dodge Viper is a mass production car, but not on the scale of other cars out there. This makes perfect sense because not everyone wants a normally aspirated V10 that's loud and in your face. We're not sure why, because we'd love to have one in the garage. In every colour and configuration possible. With small production numbers it means that when a recall is issued, like this one from a couple of weeks ago by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with regards to the airbag setup.

As far as recalls go, FCA has had it's fair share of big ones, it seems like we're reporting on problems for the automotive group rather often, but to be fair, they do produce a large number of cars across many brands in many countries. Some of these recalls have involved thousands, even hundreds of thousands of cars, so in contrast, the guys at FCA must be loving this latest recall for the 2016 Dodge Viper. Why? Well because this recall involves just two cars. TWO. The recall pertains to Dodge Vipers manufactured between January 6 and January 8 of this year. So apparently the Viper is being manufactured at the rate of one car per day, at least until they stop all together which will sadly be quite soon.

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The recall is related to the airbag, but not in the line of that massive Takata airbag recall. This one has to do with a defective weld on the passenger airbag chute that may cause the the airbag door to detach during deployment. Of course besides the car making contact with something that forces the airbag to deploy, having the door detach and hit you square in the face will just be an added insult to the impending injury. Chrysler will notify the owners of the affected models, all two of them, and will then replace the passenger upper side panel assembly free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on the 25 November 2016, and we're guessing that if all goes well, the recall may also be completed on the 25 November 2016.