Is This eBay LaFerrari The Biggest "For Sale" Scam Of All-Time?

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Feel free to take this million-dollar gamble.

There has been ridiculous hype over a LaFerrari for sale on eBay at Naples Motorsports. It was the only one for sale in the US, and had a wild asking price of five million dollars. Recently however, another popped up on eBay, finished in classic Ferrari red. It claims to be model 1/499, which would make the car worth even more. The five million dollar car had 202 miles on it, and this new one on eBay also has a near-mint 300 miles clocked. How much for this rare beast? Could it cost "only" $5 million or as much as $10 million!?

How about a petty $3.8 million dollars. This raises some serious concern to us, because not only is this a too-good-to-be-true price, but the listing only has three photos. The product description is straight from Wikipedia, and the seller does not seem to be reputable. Also, the listed vehicle identification number is that of a 2014 Toyota Prius, which does not have anything in common with this exotic hypercar. If you are in the market for a LaFerrari, watch out for this. We don't recommend buying it. Instead, drop an extra $1.2 million for the legit one over at Naples Motorsports.

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