Is This Evidence The BMW 5 Series Could Be Falling Behind The E-Class?

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Hopefully BMW closes the gap once the camo comes off.

BMW is expected to introduce a new 5 Series in 2017. Of course that's a year away, which means for now we only have rumors and spy shots to go on. Last year our spy photographers saw a heavily camouflaged M5 cruising around the streets of Munich. There was also a rumor going around that the 5 Series would get a three-cylinder engine. Well, we don't have any new rumors to report but we do have fresh spy shots of the 5 Series, this time in M Sport guise. We wish it was an M5 as well, but what can you do?

Like the M5 prototype we saw last year, the 5 Series pictured here is covered heavily in camo. Still, a few bits are left exposed, most noticeably the front bumper. It's not much to go on, but there are also bigger front air intakes along with beefier wheels and brakes. Our spy photographers also managed to grab some shots of the interior. Like the exterior it was under heavy camo but what we can see indicates that the new 5 Series won't be awash in luxury like the much larger 7 Series, at least not the trim spotted in these shots. The big question is whether or not the new 5 Series will be able to compete with the new and improved Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

It's a tough comparison as there's next to no info out about the BMW and the only photos we have are spy shots, but we'll do our best. The new E-Class is basically a miniaturized S-Class. It's pretty damn plush and looks noticeably different from the previous generation. While the exterior of the 5 Series M Sport is covered in camo it doesn't really look like BMW has done all that much to update the car's look. Yeah, the lights have updated graphics and the front end is a little more aggressive, but on the whole this looks more like a facelift than anything else. At least at this point. Our opinion is liable to (and likely will) change when we start seeing the new 5 Series with less camo. But from what we've seen so far, the new E-Class will be the better looking car.

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On the inside, the new E-Class is filled with technology and luxury. The 5 Series seen here has quite a large infotainment screen but doesn't seem as plush. Of course this is an M Sport and there is a crap ton of camouflage here. BMW has also put its new sedan on a diet which means that carbon fiber and aluminum may edge out some of the fancy bits. When it comes to tech the 5 Series should get a boost from all the gizmos crammed into the new 7 Series, and if the rumors of the M5 having up to 600 hp are true then the sedan definitely won't be hurting for power. It's still too early to do a full comparison but as it stands now we aren't too excited over these spy shots. Hopefully that'll change after the info leaks begin and the camo disappears.

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