Is This Extremely Rare Veyron The Most Beautiful Bugatti On The Market?

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Extremely as in 1 of 3.

A very rare Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport has recently been listed for sale at Saudi Arabia's Seven Car Lounge in Riyadh. The Vitesse Jean-Pierri Wimille is part of Bugatti's "Legends" collection of Veyrons. Jean-Pierri Wimille was one of the longest-serving Bugatti test drivers before World War II. Each of the special editions in this series celebrates an important contributor to Bugatti's rich auto making history. This particular Veyron is one of only three in the world and has not been listed with mileage details or an asking price.

This Veyron features a gorgeous two-tone color scheme with light blue paint and navy blue carbon fiber panels on the exterior. The vehicle also has a beautiful matching two-tone interior with carbon fiber accents throughout and a stunning Jean-Pierri Wimille insignia featured on the headrests. The hypercar is slammed on gorgeous silver-spoked rims with black brake calipers. If the dealer won't even publicize the sticker price, then it's pretty clear here that not only is this Veyron for serious inquiries only, but also for those where money is no object.

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