Is This Ford GT40 Really Worth The Price Of 9 New GTs?

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It is based off of a real Le Mans-winning race car, after all.

The upcoming Ford GT may be the futuristic take on the original vehicle that raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but nothing beats the original. In the 1960s, automakers that wanted to race in the GT class at the prestigious race would have to build at least 25 models for the road. Thanks to the rule, the world was bestowed with this 1966 Ford GT40 Mk I street car, which will be auctioned off at Goding & Co.'s Amelia Island auction next month. The classic supercar is expected to go for $3.6 million or the same price as nine new GTs.

Ford only built 31 GT40 Mk I streets cars and seven of those were used as dealer promotional vehicles. This specific example was one of the dealer cars until it was sold to an individual in Texas in 1967. After the original sale, the classic changed hands multiple times and underwent multiple repaints. In 2009, the GT40 Mk I was restored and returned to its original color of Azure Blue. The gorgeous classic only has 3,200 miles on it, which makes sense since this thing is worth an incredible amount of money. Unlike the new GT, the classic version comes with a 289 cu in V8 that puts out 390 hp and features quad twin-choke Weber carburetors, as well as the GT40's iconic headers. The new GT may be faster and cheaper, but this original is a true legend.

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