Is This Guy Crazy For Selling His NSX 'Order Slot' For $100,000?

For Sale

Sure looks crazy to us.

The 2017 Acura NSX is one of the most anticipated supercars of the new year, but enthusiasts are already looking for ways to ditch their spots on dealer’s waiting lists. The latest ad for an “order slot” for the NSX is one of the most expensive we’ve seen yet at $100,000. The eBay listing, which went live on February 21, has a starting bid of $50,000 with a “Buy it Now” price of $100K. At the time of writing, there are zero bids on the eBay posting and we expect it to stay at that number for a while, as well.

The eBay listing isn’t for the supercar that already has an outrageous price tag of $156,000, but “for the ORDER SLOT/Spot that I have a paid deposit for.” Again, the seller isn’t trying to auction off the actual supercar, but for the number 1 order slot at Buerkle Acura in Minneapolis, MN. For the cheap price of just $100K, you will be able to skip the line and then pay an additional $156K for a brand new NSX! If that’s not a rip off, we don’t know what is. What’s even funnier is the fact that the eBay seller paid only $500 for the number 1 spot and is now trying to cash in. One thing's for sure, this isn't for the first NSX, which was already auctioned off at Barrett Jackson.

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The eBay listing claims, “I cannot confirm, but all indication is that this may very well be the very first paid secured spot for the new 2016/2017 Acura NSX in the country based on the date that I signed this deposit.” We highly doubt this spot is for the #002 NSX in the country, but we could be wrong. With only 800 NSX models to be built in the first year, the supercar is extremely rare. But $100K for the number 1 spot is a little high.