Is This Guy Crazy For Trying To Sell A Wrecked LaFerrari's Bumper?

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It's not cheap either.

The Ferrari LaFerrari isn't a car that one will see often. Heck, with the hypercar's price tag of $1.42 million, and 499-unit limited production run, enthusiasts may live their entire lives without seeing one. Ferrari fanatics around the world that can't afford one of the prancing horse's supercars now have the ability to get their hands on a piece of Ferrari's most potent road-going car, but there's a catch. A Slovakian seller has posted the front bumper of a LaFerrari that got into an accident on sale for the ridiculous price of $4,470.

Astute observers may notice that the bumper is from the LaFerrari accident that occurred in Budapest last year. The driver behind the wheel of the hypercar lost control of the vehicle in Hungary's capital and ended up running into three parked cars. The hypercar suffered extensive front-end damage, but reports indicate that the LaFerrari has been repaired and is brand new again. The seller states that the bumper is made out of carbon fiber and is missing the right wing, as well as the Ferrari logo. Is there anyone out there crazy enough to buy this damaged bumper for $4,470?

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