Is This How Australia Imitates The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6?


Definitely better than Russia's copycat.

Before that cheap Russian Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 knock-off the other day, someone somewhere in Australia created this. What you're looking at is a six-wheeled Toyota Land Cruiser GXL. And it's for sale. The price? $150,000 Australian dollars (roughly $118,000 USD). The seller claims it's a 2013 model and that it was featured in a recent edition of 4x4 Australia Magazine. Obviously this isn't stock; the six-wheel conversion was aftermarket. Power comes from a V8 diesel.

There are many other custom fabricated elements here, such as the 6x6 steel and fiberglass utility tub with a helicopter pattern aluminum floor, front flare and wheel arch mods, stainless steel exhaust, 35-inch tires with 16-inch alloys, a dual battery system, and upgraded sound system. It all sounds sweet, but is this worth that asking price? Then again, the Mercedes G63 6x6 sells for nearly 500,000 Euros. Is this Land Cruiser 6x6 a bargain? Without question though, it's much better than Russia's 6x6 SUV.

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