Is This How To Completely Ruin A Lamborghini Diablo?

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A possible case of sacrilege. Or is it?

Let's just make this completely clear: this really is a Lamborghini Diablo. It's not a fake or any other sort of kit car or Pontiac Fiero-based rip-off. From the outside it looks perfect; this is the Lamborghini Diablo of your dreams. But it's what was done under the hood that we're calling into question. You see, Renegade Hybrids, a tuning company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, specializes in dropping GM V8 crate engines into Porsches. Yes, that means swapping out Porsche-built flat-sixes and V8s.

Porschephiles may view that as sacrilegious, and Lamborghini people may feel the same about this: a Diablo without its original V12. In its place is now a 480 hp LS3 V8. However, this Diablo was already missing its V12 and transmission because they were stolen. What's more, this raging bull now sits on a Porsche transaxle, clutch and shifter, adapter kit, and many other components. So, is this supercar sacrilegious or a stroke of genius?

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