Is This Insane Custom Job A Fitting Send Off For The First Audi R8?


It's a road-legal track monster.

The first-generationof the Audi R8 is one of the few supercars that drivers can enjoy on a dailybasis. It does everything well, including track days and running errands. ButAudi’s most powerful production vehicle is getting a little long in the tooth andthis may be the perfect send off before the next generation of the vehicle goeson sale. Nathan Cicio, owner of TopSpeed Motorsports (TSM), took a stock 2011Audi R8 and turned it into a widebody, twin-turbocharged track monster.

Cicio wasinspired by the R8 Ultra racing machine and had a clear vision for the vehicle:“I wanted to build a car that looked so crazy-radical, most people would notbelieve it was street legal.” From the looks of it, Cicio definitely achievedhis goal. He took the R8’s sleek body and made it 5.5 inches wider, added a hostof carbon fiber bits, as well as a massive wing from GoodAero. TSM doesn’t justmake radically designed vehicles. The shop turns supercars into track monsters that can be used on the road. Cicio took the R8’s stock V10 and added two Garrett 35R turbochargers, Tial wastegates and blow-off valves, along with a special cooling system.

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All of this makes a claimed 750 hpand 600 lb-ft of torque bringing the 0 to 60 mph down to 2.9 seconds. To keepall of that power in check, the tire size has been increased to 295 (up from235) and the transmission gains a carbon/Kevlar multi-disc clutch by TSM. Racecars with these kind of modifications aren’t comfortable, but TSM worked magic on the inside of this R8 to ensure that it still can be driven on theroad. Everything on the inside has been wrapped in Alcantara and dry carbon accents, whileRecaro Sportster CS seats hold passengers in place. This no expense spared R8 hasto be the best way to say goodbye to the first generation of the supercar.