Is This Is The Most Badass Mazda MX-5 Ever Made?

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This isn't your hairdresser's sports car.

Here at CarBuzz, we genuinely love the Mazda MX-5 Miata. It may not be the most powerful sports car in the world or be the best-looking vehicle, but it's affordable, extremely fun to drive and, more importantly, rear-wheel drive. For all of the naysayers out there that think the Miata is a wimpy sports car, TRA Kyoto has created a vehicle that will make you think twice about the roadster. In regular TRA Kyoto fashion, the tuning company has fitted the sports car with a widebody kit and it looks badass.

In addition to the widebody kit, TRA Kyoto has fitted the sports car with a roll bar, an enormous rear spoiler and deep-dish wheels to match the new aggressive look. With the Miata's JDM tow hook and symbolic lightening holes on the front fenders, this widebody sports car would make any enthusiast happy and would bring any Miata critic to their knees. Specs for the insane sports car haven't been released, so we have no idea what's under the hood. By the looks of those fat rear tires, the sports car definitely doesn't retain its stock engine.

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