Is This Jaguar Real Or Just An Amazing Rendering?

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Too good to be true?

London-based digital design company Ink has just released its rendering of the classic Jaguar D-Type Le Mans race car. The design team at Ink successfully managed to capture the essence of the rare classic Jaguar with this exquisite rendering that breathes new life into the D-Type. The details on its white, sticker-less design include everything from the signature tailfin to the brown leather buckles that fasten the chassis and the gritty heat-stained exhaust pipes.

The original D-Type was produced in the mid-1950s and utilized technology from the aviation industry to create its monocoque construction. The design of the D-Type race car was ahead of its time and the car won the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1955, 1956 and 1957 before being retired as a race car. Production versions of the Jaguar D-Type were also produced and the total run of the gorgeous classic is estimated to include 18 factory race cars, 53 customer cars and 16 of the road-going XKSS versions that benefited from the addition of a passenger side door.

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