Is This Jeep's New Seven-Seat Crossover Concept?

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Leaked images show what could be a stretched three-row Jeep Cherokee set to debut in Shanghai.

Last week, Jeep teased a new concept vehicle set to be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show this month, but now images of the mysterious concept have allegedly leaked courtesy of Allpar showing what appears to be a three-row crossover based on the Jeep Cherokee. While the images are low-res, the leak gives us a clearer look at the design inspiration for the new Jeep crossover concept, which is apparently known as the K8 Hybrid and will target the Chinese market.

Allpar reports that the K8 will be built on the same CUSW platform as the Cherokee, but it's noticeably longer and taller than its Cherokee counterpart, adopting a 5+2 setup seating up to seven passengers. Design cues have been taken from the new Jeep Compass and Grand Cherokee, but the K8 Hybrid still shares similarities with the current Cherokee such as similar headlights and taillights, so we could be looking at a three-row Cherokee with an extended wheelbase. Technical specifications for the K8 haven't been leaked, but sources claim that it will be fitted with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid's 16 kWh hybrid powertrain.

Jeep already sells the Cherokee in China, so offering a stretched hybrid version would make sense in an emissions-conscious market where cabin space is an important factor for customers. Whether the Jeep K8 Hybrid will only be available exclusively in China remains to be seen, but Allpar speculates that it could pave the way for a Chrysler-badged three-row SUV in the USA. Look out for the debut of the Jeep K8 Hybrid when the Shanghai Auto Show starts on April 19.


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