Is This Man the New Top Gear Stig?

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"It is like trying to find Santa Claus, isn't it?"

Here we go again. Back in 2010 the identity of Top Gear's Stig was revealed, and it turned out to be Ben Collins. The whole thing became a major debacle and Collins subsequently left the popular TV series and joined the crew over at Fifth Gear. His replacement was kept a very well-guarded secret. Until now. The Daily Record is now claiming the new Stig to be British Touring Car Champion Gordon Shedden. Yes, this could be the man who just did a road test on a 130 mph Honda lawn mower.

The Scottish driver reportedly has long-running ties with Top Gear as he's worked for the show before as a test driver. He still supposedly has direct links to Clarkson, Hammond and May as well as a number of other show staff members. When asked whether the Stig rumors were true, Shedden stated that "I don't think anyone can say that. At the end of the day, it is just a person in a white suit. It's more about the myth about the Stig than who it is. It is like trying to find Santa Claus, isn't it?" The show hasn't issued an official confirmation or denial. You be the judge.

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