Is This McLaren P1 The Most Badass Car In Japan?

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Do we really need to ask?

The Japanese streets are no stranger to seeing some ridiculously hot rides. In fact, as covered in a recent article, Japan even has a crazy gang of supercar owners that drive around at night with glowing Lamborghinis. But all of this aside, it's quite possible that the McLaren P1 in this video is the most badass car on the streets of Japan. What makes it so badass? It's a freakin' McLaren P1. Enough said. A P1 never disappoints, especially when it's an up close and personal encounter like this.

Check out the clip of this gorgeous hypercar starting up, dropping its spoiler and going for a ride. Also, in case there's any doubt that this hypercar is the #1 most badass on the Japanese streets, just take note of the license plate.

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