Is This Mercedes-AMG's Answer To The BMW M4 GTS?

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Whatever it is, it looks good.

When the Mercedes C63 AMG S Coupe leaked online before it's reveal, it was touted as being the Mercedes-Benz answer to BMW's brilliant M4, a perfectly good summation. Now another Mercedes-Benz has been seen testing at Nurburgring and it's again being called competition to a BMW, this time the M4 GTS. It makes sense because this one has been dubbed the AMG C63 R. Is this just a limited edition C63 or will the one we eventually see released be comparable to the GTS?

Either way, it will be a track-focused streetcar that will no doubt be sought after by enthusiasts and horsepower junkies. While the Mercedes-AMG C63 S is a finely tuned performance machine, there's always room for improvement. There are always clients who want a car that offers up just that little bit more, and this video seems to show one.

What we can see is a black boot lid, which we presume to be bare carbon fiber because that's just how you do these things. Mounted atop the black boot lid is quite a serious wing that could be your run-of-the-mill aftermarket add-on, but the angle and silver bolts show that it can be adjusted. It could then be tailored to different racetracks to offer up varying degrees of downforce. Up front the mysterious Mercedes-Benz seems to be wearing the front bumper similar to the C63 S complete with brushed aluminum-look detailing, a lower splitter and wind deflectors on the edges. What we can't see is a roll cage and race-spec seats, but let's hope this is what we think it is.

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