Is This Mercedes-Benz's Answer To Autonomous Minivans?

2015 Tokyo Motor Show / 6 Comments

It looks pretty good for a minivan.

Mercedes-Benz revealed its egg-shaped autonomous vehicle, the F 015, at the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of this year. The car caused a bit of a stir and journalists and gearheads had mixed reactions. Now, Mercedes has another autonomous vehicle planned to unveil at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Called the Vision Tokyo, the drawings look pretty similar to the F 015's sleek design. Although it looks like a minivan, the car is described as a "minivan for passengers" rather than a commercial vehicle.

We don't have too many details about the Vision Tokyo. What we do know is that the powertrain will be a plug-in hybrid with lithium-ion batteries, electric motors and possibly a hydrogen fuel cell. Judging from its sketch and its impressive powertrain reveal, the Vision Tokyo sounds like a promising vehicle but that will be determined at the Tokyo Motor Show.


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