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Is This Mercedes E-Class Coupe Hiding Any Big Secrets?

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Or even just some minor, yet important changes?

Mercedes is currently working on a facelift for the 2020 model-year E-Class. We've already seen the sedan model undergoing cold weather testing and even caught a glimpse of the interior. Although the 2020 E-Class won't be an all-new model, it should receive some important updates like the latest MBUX infotainment system. Even though two-door coupes are becoming a dying breed, Mercedes persists with three different coupe models in its lineup, the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class. Mercedes clearly has no plans to discontinue its mid-size coupe offering because our spy photographers just spotted the 2020 E-Class Coupe undergoing testing.

As with the sedan, it looks like the E-Class Coupe will only receive a minor facelift for 2020. Camouflaging on the front and rear prevents us from seeing the final look, but we expect the 2020 model to receive a new front grille design, slimmer headlights, and revised taillights. Aside from those minor changes, the exterior looks relatively similar, including the E-Class Coupe's unique rear window design.

On the inside, we expect the E-Class Coupe to be updated with the latest MBUX infotainment system, replacing the old COMAND system. MBUX is a welcomed change, as it makes the user interface much more usable for the average consumer.

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Mercedes recently upgraded the E-Class Coupe's 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine from 329 to 362 horsepower, changing the name from E400 to E450 in the process. Since then, Mercedes has debuted a new inline-six engine with a mild hybrid assist that puts out around the same power as the older V6, so we wouldn't be surprised if the 2020 E-Class Coupe received this new engine. The inline-six is already used in a more powerful state of tune in the E53 AMG, so it would make sense to offer a less potent version for the mid-level coupe.