Is This Now The Best Sounding Lamborghini Aventador In The World?

Almost certainly.

Finished in stunning New Nemesis (matte black), this Lamborghini Aventador was given a couple of modifications that have helped propel it to another level, both visually and aurally. On the aesthetics front, the Italian supercar is now sitting on a set of HRE forged P101 alloys, finished in Satin Black. While the Lambo is looking the part, thanks to an Akrapovic slip-on exhaust it now creates an immense soundtrack, never before heard on an Aventador.

Forged from precision-crafted titanium, the exhaust is 46% lighter than stock, and fits perfectly with the optional Inconel Akrapovic link pipes, for an unmistakable V12 racing engine note. Listen to its new deep roar and twelve valves popping through the carbon-fiber/titanium exhaust pipes. An Aventador never sounded this good.

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