Is This Our First Look At The Acura NSX Type R?

Spy Video

Two Acura NSXs have been spotted hammering around the Nurburgring. Could Honda be testing a hotter Type R variant?

As much as we would love to see Honda take on the Aston Martin Vulcan and Ferrari FXX K, the idea of the automaker introducing a hardcore hypercar to its line-up seems unlikely. What we’re more likely to see, however, is a hotter NSX. Rumors have suggested that a Type R variant of the NSX will launch in 2018 with a power bump from 550 to over 600 hp and significant weight reductions thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber. Two NSXs were recently spotted hammering around the Nurburgring, suggesting that Honda could already be testing the Type R.

To the untrained eye, the pair of NSXs shown in the video appear to be standard, but look closely and you can spot sensors fitted to both cars. The black car appears to have a sensor running into the engine bay, while the silver car has a small sensor located on the driver's side roof.

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Testing two cars simultaneously would allow Honda to gather comparative data on identical track conditions, using the silver NSX as a stock car to compare against the black car’s powertrain modifications. Alternatively, Honda could be attempting to set an official lap time for the NSX since the automaker has yet to unleash the sports coupe onto the Green Hell. Rumors of the NSX Type R have been rife since the standard car started production. Some have suggested that Honda may ditch the electric motors to shed some extra weight, but that seems unlikely since the next NSX is expected to be fully electric. It could also take design cues from the GT3 race car with bigger side intakes and a large rear wing.