Is This Our First Look At The Hardcore Audi R8 GT?

Spy Shots

This could be the ultimate sendoff for the Audi R8 before it gets discontinued.

Audi has yet to update the R8 V10 Plus, but these photos sent to us by our spy photographers possibly provide an early glimpse of a new, more hardcore R8 GT in the pipeline – and there’s going to be some significant styling changes. At the front, we can see a redesigned bumper with larger air intakes with a mesh pattern similar to the front grille. The R8’s singleframe grille has also been updated to match recent Audi models.

At the back, the updated R8 sports a rear wing and a redesigned bumper to accommodate two oval exhaust pipes typically seen on RS models, suggesting that we’re looking at a new hardcore model. Even the side profile has changed, as the side sills have openings nearly as long as the doors to boost airflow and enhance the R8’s aerodynamic efficiency. Whether these exterior changes will be applied to the entire R8 line-up or reserved for a new range-topper remains to be seen. However, our spies noted they haven’t spotted any regular R8s with these changes. It’s probably safe to assume Audi’s engineers have increased the output of the R8’s naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10.

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The unit powering the current R8 V10 Plus delivers 602 hp, so we can probably expect the updated R8 to deliver at least 630 hp to match the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which is powered by the same engine. Our source suggests it could even pack 650- 670 hp. Previous reports suggested Audi was working on a new entry-level V6 model, but the automaker has since confirmed it isn't going into production. That means this new range-topper could be the ultimate sendoff for the R8, because Audi may not renew it for a third generation.