Is This Our First Look At The Next-Generation Dodge Charger?

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The sketch comes from FCA's lead designer.

There are endless rumors speculating when the next-generation of the Dodge Charger sedan and Dodge Challenger coupe will arrive on the market. The current Challenger debuted in 2008 while the Charger was last refreshed in 2011, though both cars have underpinnings that are much older, utilizing the Chrysler LX platform that's loosely based on the architecture from 1990s-era Mercedes-Benz products.

A new Charger and Challenger likely won't arrive until 2023 but all eyes are turned towards FCA for any shred of details regarding the next-generation cars. That is why we were a bit surprised when Ralph Gilles, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles global head of design, posted a design sketch on Instagram for a future Dodge product that looks like it could be a Charger or Challenger.
Ralph Gilles via Instagram

Gilles, along with most other FCA employees, is currently working from home as the world deals with the coronavirus outbreak. The caption on his Instagram post reads, "We are still having virtual design reviews while we self isolate & work from home... While we are NEVER to show future product on social media I have made an exception this time as this experimental design of a #Dodge of the future fell on the cutting room floor...because the designer decided to make the yellow spoiler guards a permanent part of the theme. We had a really good laugh about it though! #fcadesign"

While the image looks far from a production model, it is extremely cool. We imagine a muscle car might look like this in the distant future and we wouldn't mind if the next-generation Charger or Challenger ended up taking styling cues from this sketch.

Jim Baier / Facebook

In his post, Gilles references the yellow splitter guards that ship on all Charger and Challenger models to protect the bumpers during transport. The guards are meant to be taken off during delivery but many owners leave them on because they like how they look on the car. Leaving the guards on can ruin the paint underneath, which is why Dodge recommends removing them. Dodge has even resorted to changing the splitter guard color to pink to deter owners from keeping them installed.

Front View Driving Dodge
Rear View Driving Dodge

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