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Is This Our First Look At The Next-Generation Volkswagen Golf?

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The new Golf has reportedly been spotted testing in South Africa before its debut next year.

With all the talk about Volkswagen's future electric I.D. range, it's easy to forget that an all-new version of one of its most iconic models is debuting next year. We're talking, of course, about the all-new Volkswagen Golf, which will soon be entering its eight-generation.

VW recently gave us a sneak peek at the next iteration of its popular hatchback with a vague design sketch hinting it will have an evolutionary design. However, a new Facebook video uploaded by Tuned Automotive Magazine possibly gives us a first glimpse at the all-new Golf in the metal. It could be legit, as while Volkswagen hasn't shown much of the new Golf yet, the car is at an advanced testing stage.

The video shows the new Golf allegedly being tested in South Africa with no camouflage disguising it, although the quality of the video leaves a lot to be desired. The silhouette seems to match the sketch designs released by VW, and the front and rear designs have been redesigned.

Also notice how the car is sitting very low to the ground - could we be looking at the new sporty GTi or the next-generation Golf R range-topper? Nothing has been confirmed yet about this mysterious Golf sighting and it's entirely possible this video could be fake, so we'll have to wait for Volkswagen to release some more revealing official teaser images.

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Production of the new Golf will start next June before the model debuts in the third quarter of 2019. The 2020 Volkswagen Golf will also have a slightly longer wheelbase than its predecessor, so it should have a more spacious cabin.

Volkswagen has hinted the new Golf range-topper be "fully connected," implying it will pack some form of autonomous technology. Expect the new Golf GTI and R to be lighter and more powerful, as reports suggest the GTI's power will be increased to 250 hp, while the R could produce around 350 hp.