Is This Preserved Mk2 Focus RS Worth As Much As A Brand New One?

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Certain collectors would certainly think so.

The Mk3 Ford Focus RS is the first RS model to ever be sold in the United States. The US missed out on the 212 hp Mk1 model and the 301 hp Volvo-engined Mk2, which were both FWD. Sales of the Mk3 RS are strong in the US, with over 3,500 units sold so far and counting. Even though the new car is wowing over American enthusiasts, we can't help but wonder how it compares to its predecessors. The Mk1 Focus RS looks a bit dated by today's standards, but the much more powerful Mk2 is still a very modern-looking hot hatch.

Unfortunately, this amazing Mk2 Focus RS is not for sale in the US, but is currently available at Classic Car Auctions in the UK. What makes this 2009 Focus RS so special is that it only has 45 miles on the odometer, meaning it hasn't even traveled five miles per year. The car was purchased by a husband and wife and the records show it was serviced in October 2016 and MoT'd in 2015 and 2016. Amazingly, the car received a 134 out of 135 on CAA's auction report, a score which would be good for a brand new car on a dealer lot, let alone a seven-year-old hatchback. This Mk2 Focus RS is expected to sell for between £32,000 to £36,000 ($39,370 to $44,290).

This does mean that this Mk2 Focus RS costs more than a brand-new Mk3 model, which has a price of $36,120 in the US. A brand-new Focus RS is a cool purchase, but we think that buying an essentially new Mk2 is even better. Why? Because this car will be a collector's dream, and could be worth a lot of money in the future. Cars like this really can't be driven because many hoses and belts likely haven't moved much for over seven years. The tires are probably the originals as well, and we wouldn't want to be the ones to go 70 mph on the highway on tires that are almost a decade old. The car will be auctioned in Birmingham on April 1st, so any Ford collectors better be ready to bid.

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