Is This Proof A BMW M8 CS Is On Its Way?

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BMW has been trademarking names you should get excited about.

What do we know about the CS range of cars from BMW? Not as much as we'd like to, but there is information out there now. CS is a new addition to the nameplate and it stands for Club Sport. At first it was thought that the BMW M2 CS would be along the lines of the M4 GTS, all lightweight and track focused, but those in the know speculated that the M2 CS will indeed be a more powerful car than the regular M2 with a detuned M4 engine, but wouldn't necessarily be GTS-like in features and looks.

We found out about the BMW M4 CS that's set to appear, but oddly so far it looks like it will be limited to the Spanish market, and worse still, just 60 units will be made. It's thanks to this car that we know what a CS would be like. On the 4-Series we can properly compare because there's a normal M4, there's the M4 GTS and now the CS. The CS is a more civilized version of the GTS, it has 450 hp on tap, exclusive 20-inch wheels, carbon ceramic brakes as standard, carbon fiber splashed all over the place, a blacked out kidney grille and a new seat design that's sportier than in the M4 but not as aggressive as in the GTS. The rear wing is close to the GTS version though, and that's pretty damn cool.

This new filing at the Intellectual Property Organisation mentioned on Autoguide is really good news because BMW has filed to protect the names M1 CS, M2 CS, M3 CS, M4 CS, M5 CS, M6 CS, M7 CS and the one that's gotten everyone even more excited, M8 CS. The 8-Series is coming, and now we know that BMW is serious about it with the filing. This has everyone speculating as to what kind of engines will be seen in the 8-Series range because they will have to be powerful to move a car that should, in theory, be bigger and heavier than the 7-Series which is far from small. The new BMW M760i xDrive has a 12 cylinder, 601-hp TwinPower Turbo engine, so it's suggested the M8 would have something similar.

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