Is This Proof A Hotter Aston Martin Vantage S Is Now Testing

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A CarBuzz reader snapped these spy shots that indicate Aston Martin is working on something.

Now that Aston Martin has launched its absolutely stunning all-new Vantage, there's naturally talk regarding upcoming variants, such as a convertible and track versions. While we don't have a timetable just yet for those debuts, both are sure bets. Aston Martin's chief road test engineer also told us back in March at Geneva that there's plenty of more Vantage to come. Perhaps we'll see a debut at the next Geneva show. But in the meantime, a CarBuzz reader has sent us these photos that clearly show a prototype of a future Vantage variant. What could it be? Chances are it's the Vantage S.

From the outside, it's not heavily disguised, although the vehicle in question very much does look like a test mule. It's void of the brand's logo and nameplate, for example. Instead, it's written "Prototype Vehicle" out back. The single interior shot does not tell us anything new, so that leaves us to dissect the exterior. What's new compared to the currently on sale Vantage? It's hard to tell, honestly.

Both the front and rear don't appear to be equipped with a different diffuser and lip spoiler, respectively. So it's entirely possible the changes, again assuming this is the Vantage S, are mainly all under the hood. Speaking of which, the hood does not appear to be any different from what's found on the standard Vantage, meaning no vents similar to those on the previous generation V12 Vantage.

By now you may be wondering why even publish images of a car that, at least on the surface, doesn't appear to be any different from what's already been revealed? Here's the simple answer: why would Aston Martin continue testing a vehicle that's already on sale? It wouldn't, hence the likelihood the vehicle before us is something different.

Assuming Aston Martin retains the new Vantage's AMG-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 for the Vantage S (or whatever it'll be called), output is sure to increase. It's currently rated at 503 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque, but we've heard rumors 550 to 600 hp is totally possible. We'll see, hopefully by March. Hat tip to 'kurun'!

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