Is This Proof A Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon Is Coming To The US?

Spy Shots

It could even be a Black Series version, but either way, we want it in America.

There are some schizophrenic product developers under the roof of the Tri-Star headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany because while most of the automaker’s lineup consists of plush carriages for wealthy status-seekers, the masochistic side of the brand champions impractical cars with more performance than control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and those with fraudulent tendencies are the ones that Mercedes is after with the latest car that our spy photographers just caught testing.

Our hidden cameramen think that this car is an upcoming Black Series version of the E63 AMG Wagon but we are a bit skeptical. After all, the current AMG E63 S makes 577 horsepower and has a base price of $104,300, so a Black Series AMG E63 would be an unnecessary albeit cool upgrade for those who enjoy tire smoking binges that only happen when the insane owners are off their lithium. Some of the hints to the additional momentum that this wagon can carry are the massive brake rotors with red calipers, wider fender flares to accommodate larger tires and a wider track, and camouflage hiding the front fascia, which we expect to get more aggressive with the Black Series upgrades that we'll soon see on the AMG GT.

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The 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 would be replaced with Mercedes’ new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and make an additional 25-50 horsepower, meaning that the Black Series wagon may make up to 650+ horsepower. The rear tires will likely be spared from shouldering the burden of linear turbocharged torque delivery with Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel drive system while an iron-fisted traction control system would fill in the gaps needed to keep the car on the road. Like other Black Series Mercedes, the AMG E63 Wagon would not be built to turn blisteringly quick lap times. Instead, it would provide braggadocios numbers that would then translate to riot-like fun for buyers who happen to need SUV cargo capacity.

Alternatively, this could be a Plain Jane E63 version of the new E-Class Estate (if there was such a thing) rather than a Black Series version. We fell in love with the E400 Estate that debuted last month and will make it across the Atlantic by 2017. However, when the car was released, Mercedes told Americans that the E43 AMG would be for Europe only, but that may no longer be the case. By spotting this red-hot rendition out in the wild, our hopes have gone up that an AMG version of the wagon will make it to the US after all, except this time it will be wearing more prestigious E63 badges. Whether it turns out to be a Black Series or not, nobody needs this wagon, but we want it so badly. Don't expect to hear more about it until 2017 nears.

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