Is This Proof An Acura NSX Type R Is Coming?

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Fingers are firmly crossed.

The Acura NSX is a genuinely usable supercar that you can drive every day, much like the surprisingly liveable Audi R8. Despite this, the car doesn't sell very well in some markets and is thus being discontinued. However, there seems to be no plans to kill the hybrid supercar off here in the US, and thanks to a couple of new spy shots we've come across from an NSX fan who lives in South Florida, it seems that the car will be getting a bit of an update. Check out the Instagram post below, which shows off new front and rear fascias, albeit hidden under camouflage.


The person who posted these images says that he thinks this may be a Type S version of the Acura NSX, but this hasn't been confirmed as yet. Another possibility is that we're simply looking at a facelifted version of the current car, which may or may not come with more power and newer tech, but the good news is that the NSX is here to stay and is definitely about to get an upgrade of some sort. In our opinion, the Type S (or Type R, even?) treatment could very well be applied here, as the camouflaged rear diffuser is way more aggressive than what we currently get on the NSX.


We hope that this really is the Type R though, as the first NSX got similar treatment and went on to become one of the most sought-after Japanese supercars on the market, but rumors of such a thing have been swirling for years. The most recent came last year and suggested that the NSX Type R would debut in October 2021 - just three months from now. If that rumor proves to be true in every way, we can expect a combined output of 641 horsepower, almost 70 more than you currently get. We've been disappointed before, but these spy shots could really give our dreams some substance. Here's hoping.


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