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Is This Proof That A Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Is Happening?

Could we be looking at the long-awaited Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series?

The track-focused animal that is the GT R represents the pinnacle of the current Mercedes-AMG GT lineup, but we know the automaker is planning to expand the already extensive range. Previous spy shots have confirmed a GT R Roadster is on the way, and now our spies have spotted a hotter version of the German sports coupe being tested. While previous GT R test mules spotted this year were hard to distinguish, this one is sporting some subtle changes. Our photographers noted that this GT R prototype had a slightly louder exhaust note, prompting them to investigate further.

While the front and interior didn’t give away any clues, the prototype’s rear has a noticeably different exhaust. Like Lexus F performance models, the two pipes are stacked on each corner of the rear bumper.

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed the long-awaited hardcore GT Black Series is still in development and is slated to arrive in 2020 with a tuned version of AMG’s turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 delivering at least 630 hp. Based on this, we could be looking at an early prototype of the GT Black Series.

Alternatively, rumors suggest Mercedes-AMG will introduce an optional Clubsport package for the GT R that reduces weight and gives the car some extra muscle under the hood. No doubt it will also come with further tweaks that make it even more track-focused such as aerodynamic upgrades and stiffer suspension. In the meantime, Mercedes-AMG is expected to update the GT S, C, and R models in the coming months.

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