Is This Really The Best M3 Of Them All?


Owners will say it is.

There are few cars out there that have followings as big as the BMW M3s. What’s so great about it (for those who are somehow in the dark)? Beginning with the original E30 M3, the car is one of the best all-around driving machines out there. It’s fast, powerful and responsive. In short, one of the best purist driving experiences. And the third-generation M3, codenamed the E46, has an immensely loyal following. This M3, launched in 2000, came powered by a 3.2-liter inline-six with 343 horsepower.

Only two body styles were offered, a coupe and convertible, but there was one particular variant that’s become an icon.

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The M3 CSL, revealed in 2003, could just be one of the best BMWs ever built. Really, we’re not exaggerating. Ask anyone who owns one (if you can find them). They’ll be more than happy to explain the awesomeness that is their car. And now BMW has revealed yet another M3 history video, this time showcasing the E46.