Is This Really The Ugliest Lamborghini Veneno In The World?

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They say it looks ""cheap."

Just last week we covered a story about a very lucky girl whose boyfriend gifted her a white on white $4.4 million Lamborghini Veneno. Despite being a top-end hypercar, this particular Veneno was widely criticized for having, what many deemed to be, a terribly ugly spec. Lambo fans just couldn't understand why someone would paint such a rare car in a way that cheapened its look. To top it off, the owner decided to replace the standard Veneno rims with 7-spoke chrome polished units.

All of this was just too much for many supercar fanatics to handle. Well, it would now appear as if the controversial white roadster has now been spotted cruising the streets of Geneva, Switzerland. However, the supposed female owner was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she decided to let her boyfriend go out for a drive in her uber-expensive ride. So what do you think? Is this Veneno really so ugly or is it just unique?

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