Is This Tesla A Self-Parking Fail Or Just An Awful Human Driver?


The owner of the BMW hit doesn't care either way.

For some, parallel parking is hard. For others, it's easy. When it comes to machines, well it should be a snap, right? This video shows a Tesla Model S trying to squeeze into a tight spot on a suburban street. Now it doesn't look like the driver is using self-park because this attempt is just awful. However, self-park isn't perfect whatsoever. We've seen some spectacular fails, including a Volvo XC60 that crushed one of its human masters while trying to park. So, where does your blame go?

On Reddit where this video was originally posted the opinion seems to be that the human screwed up. This attempt is so bad that it seems impossible that it was initiated by a machine. Regardless of what caused it, that BMW owner is not going to be happy.

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