Is This the 2015 Subaru WRX?

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And why isn't it painted in traditional World Rally Blue Mica?

Yesterday Subaru released a pretty good teaser shot of the new WRX that'll debut next week at Los Angeles. We say a "pretty good" teaser image because it clearly showed most of the hood and front end design instead of just, say, a headlight. Point being, we were really excited. But then these latest images found their way online and, well, we're not quite as excited. What you're seeing here are supposedly leaked photos of the 2015 WRX. Sadly, it looks nothing like the WRX Concept from New York last March.

Instead, it's the same basic design as the base Impreza only with that signature WRX hood scoop and a few other features. Subaru previously indicated the new WRX would have more of a unique design, a la that concept. But no, it doesn't appear so. Remember, this isn't the WRX STI, a model that will come later. Full details will come any day now. Oh Subaru, you're breaking our hearts.

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