Is This The Acura NSX We Should Have Had Instead?


You certainly can't accuse this one of looking like an Audi R8.

Before we tuck in to the meat and potatoes of this piece, we'd like to establish the fact we don't actually hate the Acura NSX. On the contrary, we think it's a pretty impressive piece of kit, and we especially love the engineering behind its punchy petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. But that doesn't mean we don't have our criticisms - all that lovely and advanced hybrid tech means it's quite an expensive piece of kit, as in "you could get an Audi R8 or Porsche 911 Turbo for the same money" pricey.

The jury is also still out on whether the driving experience is engaging enough for a 575-hp+ mid-engined road car. What's perhaps been the biggest reason why the latest NSX has rustled so many feathers, though, is the styling. Yes, design is a subjective thing, and we'll let you decide if it's ugly or not, but there's no denying the NSX leans more towards the fussy side of the spectrum. In contrast, the bodywork on the original Acura NSX was as visually arresting as it was simple, and it was all the better for it - very few cars designed in the 1980s have aged as well as the first-generation NSX.

To perhaps further emphasize that point, Swedish 3D artist Andreas Ezelius has concocted his idea of what the inaugural NSX would look like with a 21st Century nip-and-tuck makeover. And, as you can see, there aren't many major modifications to that elegant shape. Sure, the differences are quite easy to spot. The front end is far more aggressive than the original, thanks to the slim air intake in the bumper and the LED layout in the headlamps, and those broad fenders lend this concept car a look that's eerily reminiscent of the old Honda NSX Super GT racer.

Head round the back, and you'll be greeted with a striking rear light arrangement that wraps around the inside of the spoiler, giving Ezelius' car an unmistakable look at night. Other than those additions, the core shape is almost identical to that of the first NSX - meaning we're still treated to long overhangs, big air intakes sculpted into the rear fenders and a gloss black roof that contrasts with the pearlescent paint on the rest of the car. As with the looks of the 2017MY Acura NSX, we'll let you decide on how effective Ezelius has been in re-configuring the design of the original car into a modern day design study.

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