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Is This the Aston Martin of the Future?

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It's even mid-engined. Controversial.

One of the many fun things about concept cars is the opportunity to explore ideas. Before a major financial commitment is made for full-scale production, concepts are designed and built as a way to test the waters. The public's reaction is always vital. With today's technologies, some of these concepts are tested in some pretty interesting ways. One of which is video games, specifically Gran Turismo 6. Aston Martin recently teamed up with Polyphony Digital, a video game development studio, to create the DP-100.

The car was designed from the ground-up virtually and, unlike current Astons, it's mid-engined. Specifically, it has a twin-turbo V12. Sound interesting? The DP-100 is available in the latest update of GT6. But for now, check out this latest video from XCAR showcasing what the future may hold for Aston Martin.

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