Is This the Audi TT We've Been Waiting For?

Wagon and hatchback fans rejoice.

We’ve reported that Audi is anxious to expand its TT lineup beyond the familiar coupe and roadster. How so, exactly? The automaker has given us some pretty clear clues such as the recently unveiled TT Offroad Concept, a supposed TT crossover. The new, third-gen TT itself was previewed by the TT Shooting Brake Concept at Detroit last January. Both look interesting, particularly, the latter, but what if elements of both were combined into a single production car?

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has pretty much done exactly that with his latest vision. Behold the Audi TT five-door. By simply lowering the ride height, the TT Offroad Concept has been turned into a cool wagon-like (or is it a hatchback?) variant. If the Shooting Brake Concept is off the table for production, then the TT five-door would be our choice over the crossover. The lowered ride height really makes a nice styling difference.

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